When Norma Cohen began planning parties back in the late 80’s, she was a teenager, and the business she forged into had barely existed. Through the course of her 30 years in the ever-changing event planning industry, she has defied convention, dazzling many older and more experienced businessmen and women, and challenging even the most established practices, proving her worth at every step.

Norma got her start unintentionally as a teenager in the brand-new Sephardic Community Center. Back then she found herself volunteering on committee after committee, learning about teamwork and garnering important leadership skills. She took courses at FIT, specifically in fashion and window design, and began working at her father's company, Haddad Apparel, a national children's wear company. Norma did what came naturally, impressing everyone in her path. She was planting the roots for her niche and ventured off to start a business of her own, Party Expressions. It was 1987 and she was virtually creating a new industry within the community, the first of its kind.

Soon after, in 1990, Norma married Michael Cohen and started a family right away. She had two boys and two girls, now ages 17-26. As her family grew her passion took a back seat, but the hiatus did not last long. At first, she reignited her ambition as a hobby but almost immediately her talent was exposed, and her popularity soared. The industry had matured somewhat, and pioneers like Norma continued to shape it.

With events ranging from the halls of Manhattan's most storied institutions to the breezy shores of New Jersey, and Even as far as European beaches and airy island retreats, Norma Cohen Productions is one of the most prominent players in the high-end event industry. Her parties are impeccable, each with their own incredible style but never without the NCP trademark of intricate detail and spectacular drama. Norma continues to command her role with a tight and valuable staff while hunting for the best vendors to articulate her ideas and to ultimately partner with. She is a philanthropist in earnest and a devout advocate of charitable work, planning and organizing hundreds of events for multiple foundations every year since she was 12.

Establishing herself as an innovator and a leading businesswoman, Norma has grown parallel with herindustry, both founded on seedlings that have blossomed brilliantly since. Norma began her business at a time when the idea of hiring someone to wrap all the elements of an event together was unheard of. But alas, the magic of Norma Cohen’s touch was yet to be seen. With with her vision, foresight and drive, she has shown hosts and guests all over the world that she, this five-foot-two blonde beauty in stilettos, is the key ingredient to a successful event.

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